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MARCH 2012 Newsletter


There are those who know and understand who have owned gold and silver from June 2000 until now. Gold is up 530% and silver even more. By comparison the Dow is up 6%. If you haven't done so, now you know where to go with your money
Bob Chapman  theinternationalforecaster.com

Q & A:

I read your book and I want to ask you about the sleep paralysis who is known as the Old Hag syndrome. I have this since I was in high-school. I want to control it. I wake up in the night, and my body is frozen and I can't move, I see shadows and I hear different voices and sounds very loud, is a feeling that I will die in every moment.

I had that happen once to me. As I couldn't move, and I was frightened, I called out the name RAMTHA. I was instantly able to move and it never happened again. Maybe you can do the same thing?? Seeing shadows is indicative of being in infra-red frequency, the first level one passes through after death. Some people experience this state of paralysis in order to have an Out of Body (OBE) experience.

Now, do I start to create my day when I wake up, but still in bed, just saying the words how I want the day to be like? Or do I start creating my day with C&E while I'm still in bed to quiet the yellow brain so I can accept what I'm creating? Or is the best way to get up, start candle focus and do the walk?

Here is how I Create My Day. I do my Neighborhood Walk first and after I complete my walk, I say while still walking, “and this day_________________. This is when I Create My Day. The idea behind this is that the entity that is ‘Creating the Day’ is different after the Neighborhood Walk than before the Walk with the loftiest mind for doing it. If it were done before the Walk, you wouldn’t be in such a wonderful and uplifted mindset.

Whatever specifics you want to create for that specific day is said after the Walk and is considered Creating Your Day.

I am thinking about buying silver. Can you recommend a good place to purchase it? And do you think this would be a good idea or should I hold onto the cash or get gold?

Silver is a wonderful purchase now!!! I would go to the nearest coin dealer and buy American eagles.

Are you worried about gold being confiscated by the Federal Government?

Not only does it make little sense for the U.S. government to do so, it would be near impossible to enforce.  When FDR decreed gold confiscation in 1933, the U.S. was still on a gold standard, so more gold was required to enable the government to print money to, in their erroneous minds, escape the Depression.  Today, there is no gold standard, thus confiscating gold would have no practical purpose.

Moreover, very little gold is actually owned by U.S. citizens - certainly not enough to make a dent in America's gargantuan debt load, and the simple act of
decreeing confiscation would be seen worldwide as a denouncement of the dollar, and validation of gold, as MONEY.  Moreover, barely any gold was actually confiscated in 1933, with not a single prosecution for violating the confiscation law.



"I am a most unhappy man.
I have unwittingly ruined my country.

A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit.
Our system of credit is concentrated.
The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men.

We have come to be one of the worst ruled,
one of the most completely controlled
and dominated governments in the civilized world.

No longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men."Woodrow Wilson, U.S. President, 1916


Wyoming House advances doomsday bill

Finally, a "doomsday bill" passed in Wyoming. It is my belief that certain States will eventually be expelled from the Union due to their fiscal issues, while others will likely secede.  No state has better finances than Wyoming - with its oil riches and small population - and thus it should be no surprise they are exploring their options related to the potential for a FINANCIAL ARMAGEDDON event.

Remember, 13 states are now considering the potential of making gold and silver legal tender to pay debts - as is MANDATED BY THE CONSTITUTION.

Colorado bill would legalize gold, silver currency

Colorado is following in the footsteps of Utah. www.cbsnews.com

The College Conspiracy - www.youtube.com

Student loans have surged to $867 billion, the most useless money ever PRINTED.  Such "loans" - which can NEVER be discharged - have produced NOTHING for America's youth, but driven college tuition costs through the roof, benefiting ONLY the colleges themselves.

Iran Moves Further To End Petrodollar, Announces Will Accept Gold As Payment Instead Of Dollars (zerohedge.com)

Numerous articles have been written whose premise is that we went to war with Saddam, not over weapons of mass destruction but because he had the audacity to accept payment in other-than-the-dollar (Euro) for Iraq's oil. Iran is making the same mistake. The US cannot tolerate any oil-exporting nation that accepts Euro or gold for oil. It is a huge threat to the US dollar and a dangerous tactic to take.


Goldman Sachs experiencing executive exodus –

81 Resignations from World Banks

The banking system is insolvent.

"They" have created massively more fraudulent monetary instruments than hard assets to back them.

Checking, savings, stocks and bonds, 401k's...anything electronic is involved in the fraud 100% and will vanish in the blink of an eye.

You will wake up one day and all these 3rd party "assets" will be gone. – Bix Weir

Gold’s Purchasing Power!!

  • During the time of Christ, an ounce of gold purchased a Roman citizen his toga (suit), a leather belt, and a pair of sandals. Today, one ounce will still buy a good suit, a leather belt, and a pair of shoes.

  • In 400 BC, during the reign of King Nebuchadnezzar, some scholars reported that an ounce of gold bought 350 loaves of bread. Today, an ounce still buys about 350 loaves ($1,700 divided by 350 = $4.85/loaf).

  • In 1979, a one ounce coin ($306.68 average) bought an average-priced full-size bed. Thirty-three years later, $1,700 would still buy you a nice full-size bed (and then some).


388 cu ft /day is the oxygen needed for each person in an enclosed environment.

Mother angry after daughter vaccinated without her knowledge or consent

In Detroit, a young girl was called away from class to be given four vaccinations without her parent’s permission, even after the school received documents, from the mother, stating that it did NOT have permission to administer medical treatment beyond band-aids.

So what's the deal here? If you send your kids to school, the school will do whatever the heck they want with them, but if you don't send them to school you can go to jail and have your kids taken from you, and then the State will do whatever the heck it wants with them. Video: www.brasschecktv.com/page/9705.html

Goodbye, First Amendment: ‘Trespass Bill’ will make protest illegal

The Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011 passed UNDER THE RADAR by a 388 to 3 margin. The House ruled that ANYONE disrupting a political function regarding a figure protected by the Secret Service can be arrested and jailed, ANYWHERE in the country.

Evacuate Tokyo and All US Forces from Japan

Widely known Physicist Dr Paolo Scampa, the publisher of the EU AIPRI Blog and an eminent chemical physicist, announced today [Feb. 25] his latest calculations of deadly radioactivity in Tokyo itself.

This is a tragedy of huge proportions. There are 30 Plus Million People in Greater Tokyo. It is brought home personally to each person who sees the work of Fukushima Diary by Mochizuki.

There are thousands of US troops stationed with their families in Japan. American politicians must remove all US Troops and dependents from Japan immediately. This must happen forthwith. We will remember. Read more: www.veteranstoday.com/2012/02/25/evacuate-tokyo-us-forces-from-japan


Despite being created to protect the public, government organizations like the FDA and the USDA are continually bowing down to biotech giant Monsanto through loose regulations and inadequate review processes. Beyond denying consumers the right to know if their products contain GMO ingredients, these organizations have taken it a step further and are now compromising public safety in favor of enabling Monsanto's profits to surge. lib.store.yahoo.net/UFNgovtchoosesmonsanto.html


It’s Not a Fairytale:
Seattle to Build Nation’s First Food Forest

Forget meadows. The city’s new park will be filled with edible plants, and everything from pears to herbs will be free for the taking. Seattle’s vision of an urban food oasis is going forward. A seven-acre plot of land in the city’s Beacon Hill neighborhood will be planted with hundreds of different kinds of edibles: walnut and chestnut trees; blueberry and raspberry bushes; fruit trees, including apples and pears; exotics like pineapple, yuzu citrus, guava, persimmons, honeyberries, and lingonberries; herbs; and more. All will be available for public plucking to anyone who wanders into the city’s first food forest.

Cell phone numbers go public this month.

Telemarketers can call your cell at your cost.
The Do Not Call number is at this site. www.donotcall.gov

These Things You Shall Do … AND GREATER, my book published in 2007 is now sold out in English, Spanish, and Italian. It is available as a downloadable e-book (Spanish ONLY). The English version will be available soon.

The following pertains to Gmail, YouTube and Google+ accounts.

Google is planning to gather web history searches in order to send customized search results.  If you do not want this, do the following:

1. Go to the Google homepage and sign into your account.
2. Click the dropdown menu next to your name in the upper-right hand corner of your screen.
3. Click accounts settings
4. Find the "Services section"
5. Under "Services" there is a sub-section that reads "View, enable, disable web history." Click the link next to it that reads: "Go to Web History."
6. Click on "Remove all Web History"

When you click on "Remove all Web History," a message appears that says, "Web History is Paused."

What this means is that while Google will continue gathering and storing information about your web history it will make all data anonymous, that is, Google will not associate your Web History information with your online accounts and will therefore be unable to send you customized search results.

Google's ability to gather personalized information about you by assigning data to your Gmail and YouTube accounts will remain "Paused" till you click "Resume."

With changing times close at hand, think about this:
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