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  Tuesday 12 March 2013 09:05:13  

Welcome to the Future!

One of the fabulous manifestations from last summer was getting involved in a local winery – Salida Wines – www.salidawine.com. I am now a partner and having to sample lots of barrels just to make sure its good.

The winemaker, Doug McCrea, has been making wines for twenty-five years. He is a pioneer in making Washington wines as Spanish varietals from the famous regions of Teofilo Reyes (the King who loves God) and Galicia, the area of the Ramtha Campaign in Spain. A few years back, he was invited to share his wines with Ramtha in a private wine tasting.

We are opening a fabulous wine bar in Yelm, across the courtyard from Casa Mia in the Yelm Library building. Our opening is the weekend of April 19 – 21. We will be featuring our Salida Wines and serving appetizers. The bar has two sections: bistro seating in the bar area and a separate room with soft chairs and tables for more intimate conversation.

Each month, the winery does promotional events to feature the wines. On March 28, the wines will be paired with food at the renowned Dockside Bistro in Olympia. The restaurant’s capacity is 40. If you are interested in a memorable night in the spring of 2013, please make your reservations today - http://www.docksidebistro.com/>www.docksidebistro.com

Greg Simmons

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  Tuesday, 22 Jan 2013 15:24:40 Update #2  

Have You Made any Assumptions Lately?

It is January 22, 2013, and I carried wood into my house again today. During the cold winter months this is usually done once a day.

Several years ago, in the day’s pile was a very large log that was in the shape of a ‘dog leg’ if you know the golfing term, with a rather large bend in the middle of the piece. I stacked some of the other logs on top of it and took the wheel barrow back to the wood shed.

Over the past two years, as I used the logs on top of the ‘dog leg’ piece, I keep thinking, ‘this is too big and I should take it back to the shed.’ I must have thought this each time I uncovered the logs that were on top of it.

Today, as I finally decided to take it back to the shed, I lifted it into the stove with its awkward bend in the middle. It fit perfectly.

How many other assumptions have I made like this?


ASSUMPTION: The government cares about the US economy.

The Debt ceiling has been abolished!!

This gives the Federal Government the potential to spend possibly trillions of dollars with no approved allocation within the next 5 months. This is very good for owning physical gold and silver. http://thelibertypaper.org/2013/01/22/breaking-gop-to-suspend-debt-ceiling-all-together-and-constitution/

Greg Simmons

Mulai De Guise Publishing, LLC
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